Communicating With God


If you want to communicate with God, learn to listen.


God is NOWHERE if not within us.

You are a receptacle of the most miraculous phenomenon in the universe... awareness. The lord is closer than the air you breathe and can not be contained in words, ego, or reason. No matter how beautiful and eloquently they package God, religions, philosophies and art can only point to the Lord with symbols. The true living God is within you right here, right now, always.

Ego is what we use to interface with our worldly surroundings. It is necessary, but unnecessarily worshipped in human culture (particularly Western culture). It is put on a pedestal and inflated like a fool's balloon animal. An inflated ego serves as a perfect wedge between you and the Lord within.

God is infinity with no center, no beginning, no ending, no edges, no-thing, it is you, it is me, it is us and it is listening all the time to our words, to our hearts, and to our souls.

We are the vessel through which "God" is made manifest. It is manifest via our faith while our faith is manifest via our actions.

The lord not only listens from within you, it speaks from within too. If you will listen and allow it, you will know the answer to anything you ask. Knowing the answers is easy. The hard part is taking the right action because we often betray ourselves.

The trick is to tune in to the signal. After you learn to be quiet and listen, you will begin to separate the signal from the noise without even trying.